Dorothea Dreams - Suzy McKee Charnas - 1987 Berkley Books Paperback

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Blurb:  “A reclusive artist trapped within her masterpiece, a wall that touches the essence of myth, the spirit of time.

A dying author, an old lover drawn halfway around the world to rekindle Dorothea's past.

Three young men driven to violence to save their ancient barrio.

And a ghost—a phantom from a distant time, fleeing the last days of a decadent aristocracy-haunting, perhaps, the wrong person...

A mystery within a riddle of time. Of death.

Of dreams.

"This is a good novel not in spite of being a ghost story, but rather because it's a ghost story-and a beautifully realized unconventional one at that."


"Excellent...vivid... reveals the confusion and splendor of humanity." -LOCUS