Distraction - Bruce Sterling - 1998 Gollancz Paperback

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2000 Winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award!

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BlurbSex, science and spin ... it's your future and welcome to it.

2044, and the US is coming apart at the seams. The people live nomadic lives fuelled by cheap transport and even cheaper communications. The new cold war is with the Dutch and mostly fought over the Net. The notion of central government is almost meaningless.

This is your future, Oscar Valparaiso's too - or it would be if he wasn't only half human and could sort out his love life ...

*Sterling, our former cyberpunk Svengali, is back with a bang with this uproarious. provocative, thoughtful, often hilarious,

sometimes inspired medium-future

deconstruction of politics, science, economics, and the American Dream' KIRKUS

'Distraction is Sterling's best novel to date'