Denner’s Wreck - Lawrence Watt-Evans 1988 BCE Avon Books Hardback

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Cover artist: Ron Walotsky

Blurb: “When low-tech natives come up against high-tech Powers, it's hard to say who is more surprised ..

DENNER'S WRECK by Lawrence Watt-Evans

... Lady Sunlight of the meadows is among the most shy and retiring of all the Powers, at least as far as mortals are concered. She takes no interest in worldly matters, and in fact barely lives in our world at all--her glittering palace is almost impossible to find... When one perseveres and finally, by charm or luck, does reach the place where her palace stands, one might not even see it, for it is not always there. And no one can enter it, for there are no doors. Lady Sunlight wants no guests. Her interests lie in the sparkle of sunlight on a dewdrop, or the shape of a flower's petals. . . . Those who wander near the Forbidden Grove sometimes glimpse her, as a flash of movement in the comer of the eye, or a reflection in a stream, or a shadow in the sun. . .. Of those who glimpse her . . . some pine away for love of her, spending their lives watching for another glimpse. ..

-from the tales of Atheron the Storyteller

Humans had come to the world called Denner's

Wreck 1,000 years ago. The crash-landing which eamed the planet its name left them stranded with limited resources, and though they survived, it was at the cost of all technology. Yet they didn't feel the loss for long, quickly finding peace and happiness in their forests and fields.”

Centuries later, however, a holiday expedition of virtually immortal beings from Terra sought out Denner's Wreck . . . and decided to stay for an open-ended vacation.

With sophisticated Als to fulfill their every need, multi-function robots to maintain their households, and bioengineered bacterial colonies to keep them healthy and etemally young, they appeared to the original settlers like some wondrous demi-gods. And so they became known as Powers, and legends about them grew and spread--tales of both the perils and rewards ordinary people might encounter when dealing with these unpredictable deities.

Then the Power known as Geste the Trickster played one of his infamous jokes upon a young native hunter named Bredon, and both legend and life began to change. For in order to make up for the inconvenience his joke had caused, Geste offered to grant Bredon one wish. And what Bredon desired was to meet that most beautiful of all the Powers, Lady Sunlight.

Geste quickly agreed, seeing in Bredon's wish a precious opportunity to play a trick on the aloof Lady, but he soon discovered just how difficult it would be to fulfill the mortal's request. For Lady Sunlight had disappeared!

Eager to find her, yet unable to enlist the aid of his fellow Powers, it didn't occur to the Trickster that an ignorant young native like Bredon could possibly be of any help in locating the Lady. But he learned never to underestimate a man in love, just because he was short-lived.“