Death Riders of Hel - Asa Drake - 1986 1st Popular Library Books Paperback - Boris Vallejo Cover

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Blurb: “They were the Death Riders, the remains of once-proud heroes and Hel's greatest warriors. The very touch of their black-hilted swords or rotted flesh brought instant death and even the sight of their mail-clad corpses chilled the hearts of the bravest warriors.

Now, the warrior woman Bloodsong must face these ghoulish emissaries of Evil in a battle to the death, for the forces of Hel have kidnapped her daughter, and are determined to awaken the dark magic buried in her soul. From the mystical island of the Berserkers to wise Freya's domain, Bloodsong and her companions must prepare for the ultimate battle, honing their swords to lethal rediness, waiting for the onslaught to come.”