Dead Man’s Bay - Catherine Arley - 1970 Award Books Paperback

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Blurb: “She was afraid to stay alone in the isolated house on the cliff. But her husband was impatient. He had to make a business trip. And she was a grown woman, why shouldn't she stay by herself for a few days? 

So now she was alone - and the gradual, gripping terror had begun. With small things...

The boiling tea kettle she couldn't remember putting on. A strange cuff link on the floor. Persistent knocking. And the cat - murdered so grotesquely - but by whom?

Was she losing her mind or was someone deliberately trying to drive her mad? And who was behind the terror...when she was all alone in the house.

(Tandem, 1970: originally Collins, 1959. Translated from the French by Jehanne-Marie Marchesi )”