Days and Nights - Konstantin Simonov -1945 Simon & Schuster vintage hardback

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Blurb: The setting of Days and Nights is the massive and terrible struggle for Stalingrad, where Russia turned the Nazi tide.

The story is a simple one. It is the tale of seventy days and nights in which a young Red Army officer seized and held three apartment houses in Stalingrad. It defines, as well, the subtle ways in which patriotism and a desire for happiness have taken first importance in the minds and hearts of many Russian men and women. It has been called by critics the best novel of the Red Army and its long war against the Germans.

Days and Nights is the first novel by Russia's most successful young reporter and playwright. It is an attempt to describe, without propaganda stereotypes, the new sense of themselves Russians have acquired during the war. So far as the publishers know, this is the first serious non-political novel to come out of the Soviet Union. The characters are simple, believable human beings, whose souls belong neither to Dostoevsky nor Marx, but to themselves and their country.