Dark Dance - Tanith Lee - 1992 Dell Books Paperback

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Blurb: “THE KISS OF ADAMUS A Mahler symphony plays in this house, Eve tempts Adam in stained glass. A dead mouse, a pink bow around its neck, lies on the dresser. A topaz-eyed cat, as big as a Labrador! stalks for food. A madman gallops in the hallway. And Rachaela waits, waits for her lover, her seducer..

She worked in a bookstore, a conventional young woman in a conventional life. Then they beckoned Rachaela, using a lawyer as a front, using a variety of ruses, beckoning her to the house on the sea-the house of Scarabae...

Now she is here: not a prisoner, but she cannot leave, not a criminal, but stained with sin, seduced...

A man's body burns on the beach. Madness cries out in her head. This is her family. This lover bears her tamily name. He comes to her in black, bearing his passion, his thirst for her blood, his ecstasy his terrible seed.