Cultures Beyond The Earth - Margoroh Maruyama & Arthur Harkins

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Blurb: “This book explores contacts with Extraterrestrials, space colonization and anthropology applied to outer space.
Despite its very nice sci-fi retro cover, it’s the real deal. This collection consists of papers by eight different contributors. Each thought piece ranges from 10 to 38 pages. Each piece was actually the winning papers of a Symposium held in 1974. Several books have been written since this book’s publication about contacts with Extraterrestrials but this book still stands up as a very interesting book on the subject!

List of contents:

1. Toward an Extraterrestrial Anthropology
2. First Contact with Nonhuman Cultures: Anthropology in the Space Age
3. The Moral Obligations of Anthropology
4. Extraterrestrial Communities - Cultural, Legal, Political and Ethical Considerations
5. Terra-Lune: A Frontier City-State
6. The Planet Xeno
7. The Contact Group and a Nonhuman Extraterrestrial Culture
8. Earth Colonization of the Moon and the Effects of Alien Contact”