Cuba's Great Struggle For Freedom. Containing A Complete Record Of Spanish Tyranny And Oppression Scenes Of Violence And Bloodshed; Daring Deeds Of Cuban Heroes and Patriots Hardcover (1896) by Senor Gonzalo De Quesada and Henry Davenport Northrop

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Condition:  It's a beautiful antique out-of-print book. "The War In Cuba or the Great Struggle For Freedom" c. 1896,by Senor Gonzalo de Quesada, published W. H. Ferguson Company, Cincinnati, Ohio. Hardcover, and "" Signs of wear and consistent use. See images for the condition of this book.

Blurb: This is a 125-year-old book. For a history buff, this is a really rare yet beautiful addition to any collector's shelf. It's embellished with a large number of beautiful phototype and wood engravings.