Cry Horror - H.P. Lovecraft - 1959 Avon Books Paperback - Richard Powers Covers

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Cover art: Richard Powers


From the blood-stained pen of the world's great Master of eerie suspense and unimaginable horror - H. P. Lovecraft

  • DEMONS from the depths of Hell who subsist on living human beings-and on each other!
  • MUMMIFIED man-like reptiles
  • or were they reptile-like men
  • in their own individual cof-fins. BUT AREN'T COFFINS exclusively for the dead?
  • THE ARTIST who painted the blasphemies of Hell... working from real-life scenes!
    None of the other great storytellers can match the almost inhuman Hellishness of

H. P. Lovecraft, recording secretary to HOR-ROR, TERROR AND DIABOLICAL AGONIES.”