Crown of the Sword God - Manning Norvil - 1980 1st Daw Books Paperback - Richard Hescox Cover

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Cover art: Richard Hescox 

Blurb: “ MANNING NORVIL - Odan was his name, called the Half-God. Though raised among barbarians, he laid claim to the throne of the mighty city of Eresh for he was the son of its queen by the sky-man the city worshipped as its god.

It was in that fabled time before recorded history when the fabled cities of the ancients raised their towers along the fertile valley which was some day to become the Mediterranean Sea.

Odan was his name, and it brought terror to many, anger to the foes of Eresh, and hope to some.

Wizards conspired against him and even the mysterious riders of the sky worked their uncanny science to defeat him. But half-god he truly was and his story is a fast-moving, high-adventure novel of his fabulous battle for his princess and his throne.

Odan's a hero to stand alongside Howard's Conan and Jakes' Brak!”