Crimes of Passion - Marquis De Sade - 1965 Hardback

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CRIMES OF PASSION - MARQUIS de SADE - Sadism is defined as the seeking of sexual gratification through cruelty. The term derives, of course, from the name of the Marquis de Sade - whose actual life was as satanic as anything he ever wrote - and who composed his most notorious works in prison, where he had been sentenced for a succession of crimes.

Crimes of Passion contains all his familiar obsessions: contempt for conventional morality, the triumph of vice over virtue, and indulgence in the psycho-pathological acts of murder, incest, per version and sadism.

What lifts these stories above their present-day imitators is not only their literary elegance but - oddly enough - De Sade's own unique, if perverse, moral tone.”