Mistress of Mistresses - E.R. Eddison - 1968 Ballantine Paperback Edition - Barbara Remington Cover

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Blurb: "The second volume in the fantasy classic most often compared with J.R.R. Tolkein. "The Worm Ouroboros" was the first work from E.R. Eddison that excited deeply felt enthusiasm from figures of literary stature. MISTRESS OF MISTRESSES, part of "The Worm" group, has long been unavailable in any edition. James Stephens says, "Mr. Eddison is a vast man. He needed a whole cosmos to play in, and created one; and he forged a prose to tell of it that is as gigantic as his tale." And James Branch Cabell has said, "I find here - in his finest, his purest, and his most romantic vein - the finest living writer of pure fantasy. "