The New Junior Classics: Volume 8 Stories from History 1960 P.F. Collier & Sons vintage hardback

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Condition: Good: Good condition for a used book! Some wear. Gorgeous illustrations. See images for the condition of this book.

Blurb:  Contains: 22 works, mostly reprinted chapters from longer works by such authors as Howard Pyle with a chapter from his Men of Iron; Andrew Lang; Hendrik Van Loon with 2 chapters from his Story of Mankind; Ester Forbes with a chapter from Johnny Tremain; Carl Sandburg from his biography on Abraham Lincoln; Robert Trumbull with a chapter from his autobiography on surviving a WW2 plane crash and survival in the ocean for 34 days; Ernie Pyle, WW2 war correspondent, with a reprinted article of heroism; chapters from biographies on Abraham Lincoln; an General MacArtherLouisa May Alcott; and a tall tale about The Devil and Daniel Webster

Series:  (The New Junior Classics: The Young Folks Shelf of Books #8)