Fifty Famous Stories - Samuel E. Lowe 1920 Whitman Publishing Co vintage hardback

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Condition: Acceptable: Signs of wear and consistent use. Pictorial panel on gray boards, faded gilt lettering on spine. Age toned. See images for the condition of this book. Illustrated by Neil O'Keeffe. The illustrations are lovely!

Blurb:  Excerpt: ... The Jewels of Cornelia THERE are many stories centered about Rome's greatness but none has more human interest than the story of Cornelia who was a Roman matron. Hers was a mother love that will always be remembered. She had little of the world's riches yet she never seemed discontented. Life to her seemed worthwhile indeed and no one ever heard her complain. The pride and affection for her two sons was wonderful to see, her whole life seemed centered about them. Her sons in turn were devoted to her. Their mother was always first in their thoughts and it was this perhaps that made them inseparable. They grew into manhood and became great warriors. They fought for Rome and such was their bravery that upon their return great honor was paid them, for Rome was always grateful to her sons for their deeds in her behalf. A great reception was to be given them. To it, of course, the great men and women of Rome were asked and even the emperor himself was to attend. The day came at last, and the two youths, pridefully escorting their mother whose love for them shone in her soulful eyes, arrived at the palace of festivities. Now Cornelia was still poor, even though she came from one of the oldest Roman families. She came to the reception unadorned, a simple white robe about her, her hair simply dressed and not a jewel upon her. She must have been a very striking figure in that company of wonderfully dressed Roman ladies each of whom vied with the other in the splendor of her adornment and jewels. One there was even more beautiful and more wonderfully adorned than the rest and she even drew the attention of Cornelia's sons who had up to then had eyes for none other than their mother. "Is she not wonderful, is she not beautiful, brother?" said the younger. "That she...