Congo - Michael Crichton - 1980 BCE Alfred A. Knopf Hardback - Paul Bacon Cover

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Cover art: Paul Bacon

Blurb:”The Andromeda Strain, The Great Train Robbery and now Congo! It's Crichton in top form-and the terrain this time is darkest Africa. Three daring adventurers trek into the jungle-into the very heart of the Congo, through cannibal country, past Raming volcanoes-in search of the diamonds of the Lost City of Zinj. Pure H. Rider Haggard, but with the incomparable Crichton difference! His intrepid band (two of them Ph.D.'s) consists of:

A young California scientist (specialty: primate research) who is accompanied by his sensitive, intelligent "talking" gorilla, Amy (a vocabulary of 620 words, a will of her own, and she cries if he leaves her) ...

A geniusty and gorgeous young woman from ERTS (Earth Resources Technology Services, Inc., a Houston-based corporation with hush-hush global interests) who is ruthlessly determined to secure the (industrial) diamonds before her equally ruthless Euro-Japanese rivals beat her to it...

A "white hunter" whose awesome savvy about the jungle (and the competition) stems from his deadly experience as a Congo mercenary....

The obstacles they must face-pygmies, killer hippos, ferocious tribal warfare, flowing lara, spies from a rival (global) consortium, and, most dangerous of all, a murderous species of jungle gorilla ap parently fixated on their destruction-demand from them more than grace under pressure. And they have more. They have all the incredible modem technology Crichton is so brilliant at describing: laser beams, the most sophisticated satellite communications, computer systems. To say nothing of Amy herself! What happens is a glorious melange of suspense, 

excitement, exhilaration, and electronics, This is Michael Crichton doing what he does best: turning a classic genre upside down by introducing and making us understand-while he tells a great story-the miraculous gadgetry and grand designs that dazzle us on the frontiers of science.

Michael Crichton was graduated from Harvard College and Harvard Medical School, worked briefly in medical research, and, after the publication of his first novel, The Andromeda Strain, devoted himself increasingly to writing-five novels and two works of non-fiction including Five Patients. He is also a film-maker-most recently directing the film version of his own novel The Great Train Robbery. He was born in 1942 in Chicago and lives in Los Angeles.“