Comanche Vengeance - Richard Jessup - Paperback

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Blurb: “"It's Gibson Duke, Ma'am."

Sarah recognised the rider then, and came from behind the bush, holding the carbine high.

"Don't be unfriendly, ma'am," he said.

"Look, Mr. Duke," Sarah replled, "I don't need help and I don't need a man. If I see you again, I'lI shoot you down like a rattlesnake. There was only one man and he's dead. I ain't after an-other."

She snapped her pony around and sent it splash. ing through the stream. She did not look back.

Duke rolled & olgarette and raised one leg over the pommel of his saddle. He smoked slowly, and when he was finished, he wheeled the black into the stream and began slowly trotting after Sarah Phelps.”