City of the Beast (Warrior of Mars) - Michael Moorcock - 1979 1st Daw Books Paperback - Richard Hescox Cover

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Cover artist: Richard Hescox

Blurb: “It was supposed to be a matter transmitter, but something went hideously wrong with its first experimental use. Instead of sending him to a room across the laboratory, it flung Michael Kane helplessly through time and space —to the red planet where savagery ruled!

Deadly menace faced the citizens of Varnal as the ravaging hordes of the Argzoon—the dreaded Blue Giants—swept ruthlessly across the hills and plains. Kane became their sole defender because of his all-conquering love for Shizala, beautiful Queen of the Kanala. And he was determined to win her love in return— in spite of the space-time barriers between them— even though to do so he had to face death many times from a remorseless and incredibly powerful foe!”