Chosen of Mida - Sharon Green - 1984 Daw Books Paperback No. 577 Boris Vallejo Cover

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Cover art: Boris Vallejo

Jalav - Amazon Warrior: III

Blurb: “SHARON GREEN - Having given pledge to the godlike Mida to forge an alliance with the macho males who followed Mida's rival, the man-god Sigurt, became Jalav's most difficult assignment. The alliance was needed to stand against

the invaders from the stars. Without it, they would all-_-the male-dominated cities and the wild free women of the plains fall before them.

Jalav set off for Sigurr's stronghold, a lone woman, to challenge the rulers of that harsh city to meet her as equals. But double-cross followed double-cross and she found herself a chained slave in a fortress of scornful masters. But Jalav, though her body could be conquered, her will could not. Prevail she must if the command of her goddess was to be carried out.

An action-packed novel of sexual warfare, of love versus lust, and sword versus sword. By the popular author who compares favorably with Janet Morris and John Norman.”