Cheon of Weltanland - Charlotte Stone - Book 1 of the Four Wishes Boris Vallejo Cover

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Blurb: “Freed from the tyranny of conquerors and the slavery of the ape-people, ward and student of a Hyperborean witch, the girl Cheon was to be granted four wishes. This is what she said:

“That no man shall again do to me as the Bunnish men and the men of the Dark Place did...

That I may grow tall and strong and skilled in the use of weapons, that I may slay me (sic, assume “men”) as I please...

That I may be a witch skilled in sorcery, yet beautiful like the dawn...

That I may be a queen as my father promised me, the queen of the Northlands....”

So begins the first novel of the high adventures of Cheon of Weltanland, in that world beyond the civilizations we know, who as wanderer and slave, as warrior and queen, was to become a legend in her own time.”