Certain Sleep / Ding Dong Bell - Helen Reilly - 1961 Ace Double Paperback

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At first they thought that pretty heiress was just asleep at the wheel of her expensive sports car. But then they found that her slumber was of the permanent kind, and traced it to a plugged exhaust. Could it have been an accident-or was it murder?

Suspicion settled on the dead girl's handsome husband and his former fiancée, Jo Dobenny, whose vacation trip was thereby transformed into a labyrinth of ac-cusations.

All around Jo were people she knew from her child-hood, people she loved and whom she had supposed loved her. But now someone's love had been taken over by greed-and that greed had called for murder.

It began with Liz Bowen, ex-career girl, happy and excited about her forthcoming marriage to Philip Mont-gomery, a young widower. Then little by little, the first shadows, the small doubts began to grow, and form an unseen barrier between them. There were ugly hints about the death of Philip's wife.

Then the killer struck for the first time, and circumstances pointed to two people-Liz and Philip. Both had secrets so deeply rooted in the past that they were im-possible, unthinkable to be shared. Love could filter out suspicion and chance evidence could be removed. But then the killer struck again.