Calling Dr. Patchwork - Ron Goulart - 1978 Daw Books Paperback - Josh Kirby Cover No. 283

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Cover Art: Josh Kirby 

Blurb: “Ron Goulart is science fiction's supreme funnyman writer. and among his best creations is the remarkable agency Odd Jobs, Inc. This astounding organization takes assignments that have baffled the best establishments of the rather cockeyed world of the Year 2002.

If it was whacky, impossible, or simply incredible, it was their oyster.

It was whacky that a stage magician could spring a murder trap for them without any reason. It was impossible that the great talents of dead actors could appear again. It was incredible that the work of the fictional Doctor Frankenstein could be bettered two hundred years later.

So this was a case for Odd Jobs, Inc. Someone was piecing together the best parts of the late greats of stage and pix to make a super-Frankenstein monster that would dominate the entertainment world -and maybe everything else.

Meet Goulart's Ghoul-artist, Dr. Patchwork!”