Caesar Dies - Talbot Mundy - Paperback

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Cover illustration by Frank Brunner.

Blurb: “A novel of ancient Antioch and Rome in the days of the warrior-emperor, Commodus.

CAESAR DIES is a sparkling and different kind of novel, full of madness and intrigue from the master storyteller who produced TROS OF SAM-OTHRACE, PURPLE PIRATE, and JIMGRIM; a novel without a hero.

Roman lands and peoples lie in deadly fear of Commodus, whose fanatical whims and paranoid dreads are a threat to every citizen. Commodus, in gladiatorial disguise, delights in personal conflict

-the Roman world knows not his equal and the book is vivid in its frenzied arena scenes and blood lusts. Yet, for all his madness, there is something about this "Roman Hercules" that is savagely heroic.

And in the intrigues and poisonings and murders that go to make up this strange and unforgettable book, Commodus emerges as its most memorable character.”