Bring ‘Em Back Alive - Frank Buck - 1947 Pocket Books Paperback

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Blurb: “"Danger Is His Business"

These are Frank Buck's own stories of wild animals he has fought, conquered, and brought back alive

—of his hand-to-hand struggle with a three hun-dred-pound tapir —his knockout decision over a man-sized orangutan —and all the fabulous tales that would be hard to believe if zoos and circuses all over the country were not full of living proof of his hair-raising adventures.

Frank Buck is more than the most famous wild animal hunter of our time. He is also a born yarn-spinner. His tales are written as vividly as he talks.

Here are thrilling accounts of safaris into remote jungles and of hunting in mountain fastnesses, in African bush country, and in the wilderness of Tibet. As the N. Y. Times said, here is a book for

"anybody who likes being made to sit on the edge of his chair and gasp for breath as his eyes eat up the print to see what happens next!"