Bow Down To Nul - Brian Aldiss / The Dark Destroyers - Manly Wade Welman - Ace Double Paperback D443

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Cover: Bow Down to Nul by Ed Emshwiller

Cover 2: The Dark Destroyers by Ed Valigursky

Blurb: “ Bow Down Blurb: DEVILTRY IN EARTH'S ORBIT - When Earthman Gary Towler is off work, he is a pariah. For his task as chief interpreter for the corrupt and tyrannical nuls makes other humans avoid him as a traitor.

Nor is he trusted by the three-armed mammoth rulers themselves, especially when they learned that an envoy was on the way from their distant planetary headquarters to investigate charges of corruption on Earth. For the leaders realized that Gary knew too much.

When the humans leading the underground rebellion demanded Gary's aid or his life, he was caught between two untrustful forces. And his only way out was to make plotters himself into a one-man third force against two worlds'


Slimy ice-cold creatures had taken over the world in one brutal blitzkrieg, and after fifty years of their domination the only humans left were living like animals in the deepest tropical jungles.

Among those tenacious survivors was Mark Darragh, a brash young man who dreamed of the world his fathers had lost, and who decided to make his dream come true.

Travelling by flimsy canoe, armed with hopelessly outdated weapons, Mark started out for the Cold People's stronghold. Somehow they must have an Achilles Heel -all he had to lose was his life, but if he won, he'd win a world!”

An Ace "themed" double. Both novels involve the conquest of Earth by REALLY weird alien races. *Dark Destroyers* (formerly *Nuisance Value*) is abridged from the Avalon hardcover. The Aldiss title is a paperback original.”