Bosworth Field and the War of the Roses - A.L. Rowse - 1968 Panther History Paperback

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Blurb: “Panther History - The Battle of Bosworth, fought on 22 August 1485, was a turning point in English history. What happened at Bosworth Field? Why was there this dramatic reversal, when Richard Ill, the last Yorkist king, was suddenly overthrown by Henry Tudor, a Welsh exile, last sprig of the House of Lancaster? Why was Richard betrayed by his own side? The whole story leading up to Bosworth is infinitely fascinating. A. L. Rowse brilliantly recreates the dynastic-conflict, its battles and sudden death and the transition from Medieval to Tudor England.

'The mastery of narrative and humane judgment keep us reading to the end. What in other hands has often been an intolerably tangled narrative never loses its thread. The particular value of the book is to straddle 1485; we see not only why Bosworth marked an epoch, but also that the new look in government began before, while the dynastic obsessions remained long after.

Dr. Rowse is traditional in most of his judgments and unexpectedly compassionate to the two figures, Henry VI and Joan of Arc, who are at once wholly characteristic and yet essentially critical of their age.'

Professor David Knowles (Spectator)”