Blood Lies - Patricia Wallace - 1991 1st Ed. Zebra Books Paperback

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Cover Artist: Unknown

Publisher Blurb: “When P.I. Sydney Bryant agreed to take on a routine "lovers profile" case for smitten pal, Victor Griffith, she had no idea that it would lead to murder. But the blonde and beautiful mystery lady in question was not quite what she appeared - and now she was dead.

Someone had brutally stabbed Martina Saxon and left her lifeless body floating in the pool of her family’s mansion with a whole lot of questions unanswered. At the top of the list is why the heiress to the mega rich Saxon family had taken a lowly reporters job on the local paper? While Sydney puzzles out what led Martina to give up bloodlines for headlines, she finds herself confronted by an entire family tree of suspects: from the besotted uncle to the conniving fiancee, from the jealous sibling to the Machiavellian matriarch.

And now an anonymous source has put Sydney herself under a deadline: either find the killer or be his next victim.”

Series: Sydney Bryant #3