Black Wind - F. Paul Wilson - 1989 Tor Books Paperback - Jim Thiesen Cover

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Cover art: Jim Thiesen


F. Paul Wilson's most powerful novel, an unforgettable story of passion and terror, the ravages of war, the pain of betrayal and the glory of love.

At the heart of the story are four people torn between love and honor: Matsuo Okumo, born in Japan, raised in America, and hated in both lands; Hiroki Okumo, his brother, a modern samurai sworn to serve a secret cult and the almighty Emperor; Meiko Satsuma, the woman they both love, and who betrays each in turn; and Frank Slater, the American who turned away when Matsuo needed him and who now struggles to repay this debt of honor. japanese mysticism and imperialism face off against American atomic science and patriotism as the two nations search for the ultimate weapon and total victory.”