Assertive Black, Puzzled White: A Black Perspective on Assertive Behavior - Donald K. Cheek, Ph.D. - Paperback

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Blurb: “ASSERTIVE BLACK ... PUZZLED WHITE is a book with a powerful message. As Clark's Dark Ghetto focused on our national attention and shame on three centuries of oppression, as Grier and Cobbs' Black Rage documented the tragic emotional "dues" paid by blacks in America, now Don Cheek's Assertive Black ...Puzzled White presents a positive program for developing black self-assertion and personal eftectiveness.

Dr. Cheek uses assertive training as his vehicle. This popular and powerful technique for developing skills in effective self-expression is, in his words, "ready made for blacks." His book carefully interweaves the psycho-historical implications of the black experience in America (which he characterizes as the "Jim Crow Halo Effect') with an assertiveness training program designed specifically for blacks. Particularly important is his presentation of the way in which black assertiveness is misinterpreted by whites.

Speaking from the black perspective, Dr. Cheek gives extensive examples for black application of assertiveness training. He offers practical tools and a step-by-step foundation for those who counsel blacks, and those who would like to do so more effectively.

ASSERTIVE BLACK ...PUZZLED WHITE is a book which must be read by every person, black or white, who would attempt to assist blacks in effective self-assertion.

Donald K. Cheek, Ph.D., is a counselor and Professor of Psychology at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. He also serves as consultant to a variety of colleges, universities, school districts, and governmental agencies. He describes himself as "part Harlem street-nigger and part white-educated Ph.D."

Cheek and his wife, Calista have five children, and are developing an organic farm on fifty acres of rolling hills on the central coast of California.”