Arthritis and Folk Medicine - D.C. Jarvis 1960 Fawcett Crest vintage paperback

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Blurb: Because it's not contagious and seldom causes death, the medical profession has not always given arthritis the attention and interest it deserves -- especially since it afflicts so many patients of all ages. But folk medicine is filled with information and remedies to deal with this painful disease, and Dr. Jarvis has gathered many of them in ARTHRITIS AND FOLK MEDICINE.
In his practice, Dr. Jarvis discovered that Vermonters have a long tradition of health practices that are of great benefit to arthritis sufferers. He explains:
* The folk medicine approach to understanding arthritis
* How and why the weather affects arthritis
* What Vermonters eat to maintain good health
* Why "acidic" preferences in food are important
* How to check your body performance
* And much more
Now anyone can learn Dr. Jarvis's secrets of good health that Vermonters have known for centuries: working with nature -- instead of against it -- is the best medicine.