Art in the Third Reich - Berthold Hinz - 1979 1st American Ed. Pantheon Paperback

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Condition: Acceptable. Please see the images for more details. First American Edition.

Blurb: “Since the demise of the Third Reich, Nazi art has been hidden away in closed archives and private collections as if it were the harbinger of some electrifying message an action which ironically has surrounded it with just such an aura. Restoring it to the light of day produces some startling corrections. Art in the Third Reich was primarily what was left after the Nazis indiscriminately outlawed all modern art, which they labeled "de-generate: archaic, provincial genre painting.

Particularly prominent was an incredible predilection for nondescript nudes and country scenes, which were given pompous and absurd captions to endow them with "blood and soil" profundities. These were augmented by a bombastic public art and architecture, purchased by public authorities and mass-produced by and for the media, that was executed in the monumental style and tended to glorify armament production, combat, and death.

The significance of Nazi art, as this study illustrates, lies not in its artistic qualities but in its potential to justify degrading and authoritarian social relationships. Art in the Third Reich, a pow-erful, demystifying study of the visual arts, graphically exposes not only the banality of Nazi art but the manipulative and exploitative aesthetic it manufactured.”

Jacket painting by Beatrice Fassell, adapted from a black-and-white reproduction of Walter Hock's Young Germany, a wall painting in the Braunschweig train station, which was destroyed during the war.