Anasazi: Ancient People of the Rock - 1974 Harmony Books Paperback

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Blurb: “From the time of Christ, the Anasazi Indians lived in the Four Corners-that southwestern region of the United States where Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico come together... and then they mysteriously vanished. What they left behind— massive stone cities crouched low on mesa tops, nestled in caves and along sheer canyon walls-are some of the oldest, largest and most beautiful monumental ruins in America.

Anasazi is a rich, visual documentation of this civilization's remains. Eloquent photographs capture the serene, awesome spirit of the Indian dwellings at Mesa Verde, Canyon de Chelly, Betatakin, Keet Seel, Hovenweep, and Chaco Canyon; while an eminently readable text traces the cultural history of the legendary Anasazi people and their descendants: the Hopi, Taos, Utes, Navajos, Apaches, and Cohonina.

DAVID MUEncH has published his photographs in more than thirty-five books, most recently L. L'Amours Frontier and Native America. He lives in Santa Barbara, California.”