An Army Wife - US Brigadier General Charles King-1901 Hurst & Company vintage hardback

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Condition: Good: Good condition for a 120 year old used book! Some wear. Well illustrated with lots of really cool images. Previous owners names written inside front cover.  See images for the condition of this book.

Blurb: After his graduation from West Point in 1866, General King served on the Western frontier for most of his military career. A prolific writer, this novel describes the life and trials of a Army wife on the American frontier of the late nineteenth century.

 "An Army Wife" - fully illustrated - King's writings, relating to American Indians, cover a complex range of opinion within his novels. His sympathy for their cause of defending their homelands, and being forced to adopt a new lifestyle, did not stop him from graphically portraying them as savage and barbaric peoples. However, King also used his writings to harshly criticize U.S. government policies that resulted in Indian treaties not being honored and that permitted rampant corruption among government-appointed reservation agents. As a lieutenant in the 5th Cavalry, King was a participant on the American western frontier, who personally fought in battles with Southwestern and Plains Indians and observed government policies first hand. Charles King is credited today with helping to establish the "Western novel" as a romantic and dramatic genre of American literature, based upon a sturdy foundation of historical realism.