Amazons 1 and 2 - Edited by Jessica Amanda Salmonson - Daw Books Paperback - Michael Whelan Cover

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Cover Art: Michael Whelan

Features books 1 and 2! AMAZONS! - Taking the challenge of the great fantasy heroes such as Elric and Conan that only men can be the sword-wielding masters of the worlds of fantasy, this is an original collection of new stories of warrior-women in combat against dragons and demons, devils and despots.

Amazons have always been with us in legend and history-and it is the amazons of the imagination we meet in this unique anthology.

Here are the writers whose novels have placed them among the leaders in fantasy who have written for this volume original and exciting adventures of women who dare to pick up the sword and go a'venturing.

The cast is fabulous: Andre Norton, C. J. Cherryh, Tanith Lee, Josephine Saxton, Joanna Russ, Elizabeth Lynn and many more. Join us we challenge you!