Aloha Love - Bella Jarrett - 1979 Dell Books Paperback

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Blurb: “It seemed to Margo Hansen that her new life in the enchanting Hawaiian Islands had fallen miraculously into place. In less than a week, the vivacious, auburn-haired Midwesterner had attracted a circle of friends and admirers and landed the perfect job. And met Blaze Tremaine. Well named, Margo mused, as she thought of the handsome, laughing young set designer who had set her heart aflame.

As if in a dream she heard the waves sighing onto the sands and Blaze's voice whispering words of love....

But what was love without trust? Tears welled in Margo's eyes as she heard another voice, the throaty woman's voice that had shattered Margo's life with one short sentence. Would the promise of paradise that her exotic surroundings brought to her be broken? Would the yearning in her heart be tenderly answered? Or was it to be—aloha, love?

A Candlelight Romance”

ISBN: 0-440-10697-4