All the Gods of Eisernon - Simon Lang - 1973 1st Avon Books Paperback - Gene Szafran Cover

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Cover art: Gene Szafran

Blurb: “An Alien Wilderness Of Wild Beauty Threatened

With Destruction By Two Super-Powers

On a planet named Eisernon-innocent paradise of towering blue mountains folded in snow, gentle valleys rich with the saffron incense of dakan flowers, tern forests, and jasmin thickets-the green-skinned Einai live in simple harmony with Nature.

Then the Krail, skilled warriors from another planet, launch an invasion of this peaceful world in an effort to dominate the entire galaxy. Powerful forces from Earth soon vow to stop the invasion and Eisernon seems destined to become a crucial battleground in a galactic war... •

Rich in adventure, romance, and intrigue, this science tiction epic is a vivia, dramatic, thought-provoking exploration of an ideological conflict of the future.”