Ace Double - The Planet Killers - Robert Silverberg / We Claim These Stars - Poul Anderson

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Condition: Acceptable. See marks on covers. Pulp paper is brittle. Marks inside. See images for more details.

Blurb:  Features cover art from Ed Valigursky. 1950s sci-fi. Mass Market Paperback, D-407, 131 pages Published 1959 by ACE BOOKS

We Claim These Stars (Flandry) by Poul Anderson

"All's fair in love and war-and with the galaxy split in conflict between two implacable confederations, anything ought to go. Still, how do you plan the ambush and capture of a tremendously capable telepath?
The intended victim, the weird genius from an uncharted world and the right arm of the enemy's general staff, not only knew everything thought nearby, he could read minds a distance. So the problem posed to Dominic Flandry, Captain of Terran Intelligence, was a real killer.
To make matters worse, the telepath in question was equally interested in putting Flandry out of commission. The fate of many planets might depend on which of the two triumphed."

The Planet Killers: 

"In The Planet Killers, the Security Computers of Earth Central determine that the frontier world of Lurion will launch an all-out attack on Earth in 67 years, sending Agent Roy Gardner to the rough-and-tumble planet to ensure that doesn't happen - even if it means blowing Lurion to interstellar dust In The Plot Against Earth, agent Lloyd Catton must work with skeptical, suspicious alien agents to bust a hypnojewel racket, unveiling a multi-planet conspiracy threatening the Earth itself In One of Our Asteroids is Missing, independent miner John Storm discovers an impossible asteroid rich with fabulously valuable metals and minerals, only to find his claim stolen, along with all computer records indicating that he had ever existed Never before reprinted since their original appearances and with a new introduction by the author, these three novels of science fiction adventure blaze back onto the scene, revealing early masterworks of one of the genre's most gifted and celebrated storytellers."