Ace Double The Key to Venudine / Mercenary from Tomorrow Paperback

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mercenary cover is Jack Gaughan / Venudine is Kelly Freas!


Mercenary from Tomorrow

“Is the story of 21st Century Earth - a world where work is forgotten, where the masses fight boredom with trank pills and telly, and where it is almost impossible to leave the social class you were born in. You could break the class barrier only by hiring yourself out as a mercenary to fight in the prime-time wars that are fought to keep the telly-viewing public satisfied. That is the only way to move up the ladder if you could stay alive long enough.”

The Key to Venudine

Rodro's men were pushing past, were blundering with reeking weapons into the room to kill and take the princess away.

Lai half stretched up from the princess's restraining arms. The room was empty of other life apart from Sir Fezius and the two knights now lifting their swords, ready to cut down Lai.

A popping noise sounded like a drum bursting.

A man appeared in the middle of the room.

One moment he was not there; the next he stood there, holding a bulky stick in his arm, peering about with a white face. He said something that sounded like "Skeet."

The next instant the room resounded with an avalanche roar and a hellfire blast of scorching flame.


Henry Kenneth Bulmer (1921–2005) was a British author. He has written books under several pseudonyms, including Alan Burt Akers, Karl Maras, Manning Norvil and Philip Kent.