Ace Double - Spacial Delivery / Delusion World - Gordon R. Dickson - Ed Valigursky Cover

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Spacial Delivery / Delusion World (Ace F 119)

Condition: Acceptable. See images for more details.

Blurb: Read below to see blurbs for each short story. Features 1960s Ed Valigursky cover art.

Spacial Delivery:

A Nebula Award-winning AuthorIn the good old days they gave you a suit of armor and a mighty steed to rescue a maiden in distress. But John Tardy didn't know about this battle until he was in it. No suit of armor, no magnificent charger. He'd have been happy just to arrive on his own two feet, or any way other than as a package labeled Spacial Delivery.

Delusion World:

There had to be a reason why that isolated human colony had been able to survive mankind's implacable enemies. But nobody had been able to get to the quaintly named Dunroamin to find out. If they had a secret defense, it could be the answer to a hundred planets' prayers. And Feliz Gebrod realized as he came in for a crash landing that he'd know the secret sooner than he'd expected. Except that what he encountered was a life-and-death riddle that had nothing to do with stellar defense. It was this: how can two mutually irreconcilable Utopias occupy the same space at the same time?