A Touch of Infinity - Howard Fast - 1974 Daw Books Paperback #124 - Charles Gross Cover

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Cover artist: Charles Gross 

Blurb: HOWARD FAST author of Citizen Tom Paine, Freedom Road, and many bestsellers is one of America's master storytellers and in this collection of never-before-published sf tales he provides that magical quality unique to his great literary gift.

Mr. Fast still cares deeply about man and his future. If mankind is to be destroyed in these stories, it is never by a cataclysmic explosion of human violence but by nature's own doing as an act of reckoning whereby the earth's death advances, quietly, slowly but inexorably. And if man is to live-for there are also stories of hope-it is through nothing more dramatic yet nothing less exquisite than the flight of a bird.

In dramatizing his theme, Howard Fast takes the most commonplace incident or object and infuses it with a surrealist quality that allows the reader to view his own world in a new way.

"A thirteen-course dinner, each course a dessert."

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