A Mirror of Observers - Edgar Pangborn - 1975 Avon Books Paperback - Ark Wong Cover

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Cover art: Ark Wong

Blurb: “For milennia, the Observers had been monitoring human society. Disguised as humans themselves, they waited patiently for mankind to mature. Their philosophy was one of peace and meditation which prevented them from interfering in human destiny.

But one Observer abandoned that philosophy, and set out. to encourage humanity in its relentless path toward self-destruction. The struggle which ensued is one of the great classic conflicts in the annals of science fiction. When A MIRROR FOR OBSERVERS first appeared, The New York Times called it "wonderful", and to the San Francisco Chronicle it was "animated by a style of writing and a maturity of outlook almost as rare in the whole field of contemporary literature as in the tiny world of science fiction In addition, A MIRROR FOR OBSERVERS is a winner of the International Fantasy Award.”

ISBN: 0-380-00317-1