A Lower Deep - Tom Piccirilli - 2001 Leisure Books Paperback

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Blurb: "If you don't know the brilliant Mr. Piccirilli, you should. He makes you believe in his magic, in much the same way H. P. Lovecraft made us believe in his Mythos, and.he can scare the hell out of you."

—Brian McNaughton, Author of Throne of Bones

A man known only as the Necromancer and his demonic familiar named "Self' wander the spectral highways of the countryside, incurring the wrath of both heaven and hell—and facing the curses of the damned. But it's a figure from his past that may drive the Necromancer into a hell even he cannot escape. Jebediah DeLancre, the leader of the Necromancer's old coven, has created a new coven, an evil band determined to use the black arts for their own hideous ends.

"A densely packed, steam-heated account of witchery and sacrifice... combining a bit of Clive Barker and Anne Rice." —Locus

The Necromancer is forced to return to his home, a place haunted by memories where years earlier his original coven was destroyed, and where Danielle, the only love of his life, met an awful death.

Together with Self, the Necromancer must battle not only his former master, but the members of the new coven and the jealous ghosts of his old one ... all the while taunted by the possibility that Danielle may return from the dead.

"Tom Piccirilli delivers the goods. I'm a big fan." —Richard Laymon, Author of The Traveling Vampire Show