A Harvest of Hoodwinks / Masters of the Lamp - Robert Lory - 1970 Ace Double Paperback

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Cover Art: A Harvest of Hoodwinks - Gray Morrow

Masters of the Lamp - Jack Gaughan

Blurb: Harvest Blurb: “

Are you able to cut peepholes in the wool that's being pulled over your eyes?

Would you believe the kindly, courteous off-worlder who told you he would help save the Earth when old Sol went nova?

Could you win out against the alien m.c. who subtracted part of your anatomy each time you couldn't answer one of his enigmatic questions and you hadn't even known you were playing a game?

Can you outwit the machines working in your factory when they have a union grievance that can't be placated and one of them keeps slicing up your human workers?

Herein lie fascinating tales of ingenious twists between trickster and victim, conman and sucker, as they practice the fine and sometimes deadly art of hoodwinking.”

Masters Blurb: “In the notorious Free Zone, populated by criminals and outcasts, Shamryke Odell fit in perfect-ly. Breaking and entering, kidnapping, assassina-tion-no crime was too villainous for him. As a matter of fact, he thoroughly enjoyed them all. And what made it even better was that he was doing it for what could be called "a worthy cause."

As an agent of the Intelligence Arm of the Federation of New Earth, Odell was a highly successful spy. Now he was in the Free Zone looking for reasons why two fellow agents had been found drifting in space-quite dead.

But the "reasons" found him first, and Sham Odell was led on a wild journey to an even wilder planet disguised as what he most definitely was not-a saint.”