A God Against The Gods - Allen Drury

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Blurb: “The Royal House of Thebes - Supremely Powerful...Fatally Flawed...

Horemheb--the bold and popular General who hungered for the sacred crown of the Pharaoh, and would do anything to make it his.
Tiye--the Queen Mother and Great Wife who ruled Egypt for decades behind the facade of her husband's leadership. She had already lost one of her children to the merciless demands of power - now she would have to sacrifice her beloved Akhenaten for the good of the Kingdom.
Nefertiti--the most beautiful woman in the world bred from birth to be the Pharaoh's devoted slave - and follow him into whatever tortured obsession his restless mind conceived.
Akhenaten--the dream-filled King of Egypt who dared to challenge the ancient order of his people and dethrone the jealous deities of his land for the glory of one, almighty God...”