A Different Light - Elizabeth A. Lynn - 1978 Berkeley Books Paperback - Wayne Barlowe Cover

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Cover Artist: Wayne Barlowe

Sporting a 3.57, on only 309 ratings.

Publisher Blurb: “In a future world, cancer has been all but eradicated. Jimson Alleca can live another 20 years with drugs and a peaceful lifestyle -- if he stays in space-normal. But he's willing to risk it all to make the jump into the Hype, the shimmering "not space" for one year among the stars.”

Stef in 2009 on Goodreads wrote: “If I told you the plot of this book it would sound like a space opera, or possibly a romance, but it doesn't entirely have the feeling of either. It's sort of noir, and it's sort of...langorous. The protagonist is a visual artist, and Lynn pulls it off so I got a pretty clear picture in my mind of what he was seeing and depicting.

I really liked that the main characters were bisexual and non-monogamous and that no big deal was made out of this -- it was just how they behaved naturally. I really liked that the relationships among the main characters were emotionally complex and that the characters gave each other emotional space.

Yes, I mostly read this book for the atmosphere and relationships, and I didn't read carefully enough to comment critically on the science or the plotting.”

Tags: Science Fiction, LGBT, Fiction, Fantasy, Queer, Gay, Science Fiction Fantasy, Speculative, Space Opera, Space, Mind Uploading