A Death In the Sánchez Family - Oscar Lewis - 1973 Penguin Modern Classics Paperback

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Blurb: “A successor to his famous masterpiece The
Children of Sanchez.
For the poor, death is almost as great a
hardship as life itself.' So Oscar Lewis explains
the enormity of a death in the Sanchez family.
Not so much an emotional disaster but yet
another social and economic enormity. The
simplest of all the harsh facts of life becomes a
complexity almost too much to cope with.
Aunt Guadalupe, a minor character in The
Children of Sanchez, dies of cancer, and her
death becomes a major event for everyone
because of the things that have to be done.
This is a book about life as much as death in
the poorest ghetto in Mexico City. Life as seen
by Manuel, Roberto and Consuelo as they tell
the story of their Aunt's last days, and after.
stories that reveal all too painfully that, if the
poor have none of the power, they have more
than their share of the experience.
The cover, designed by Germano Facetti,
shows a detail from Death of the Peasant' by
Diego Rivera, in the Ministry of Public
Education, Mexico City (Bisonte)”