Ace D-193 Double Phillip K Dick The Man Who Japed EC Tubb Space Born 1956 paperback

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Condition: Acceptable: Signs of wear and consistent use. The spine is very worn. See images for the condition of this book.

The Man Who Japed - Ed Emshwiller Cover Art
The Space-Born - Ed Valigursky Cover Art

Blurb: 2 vintage Books in One!

The Man Who Japed: In The Man Who Japed, a world that has survived a nuclear holocaust has given way to a rigid system of oppressive morality. Highly mobile and miniature robots monitor the behavior of every citizen, and the slightest transgression can spell personal doom. Allen Purcell is one of the few people who has the capacity to literally change the way of the world, and once he's offered a high-profile job that acts as guardian of public ethics, he sets out to do precisely that, but first he has to deal with the head in his closet.

The Space Born -E.C.Tubb: Far from Earth, on a ship carrying the 13th and 14th generations of descendants from the original crew, life is short. You are born, learn the tasks needed to keep the ship running, help breed and train the next crew - and your death is ordered by the computer in charge. Gregson, chief of the psych-police, makes sure the computer's death-sentences are carried out quickly and painlessly. His duty is a sacred trust. He knows the intricacies of the system, how it works . . . and how it can be subverted. He is growing old. Rebellious. He also knows his name will soon come up in the computer for elimination. And he has no intention of carrying out his own death-sentence!